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Wild Clay Planter #1

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These beautiful planters were made by an artisan ceramicist in Moscow, using only his hands and stones for tools. These planters were built with unprocessed wild clay, dug from a forest close to the artist’s home, and wood-fired in a primitive kiln using ancient techniques where the flame closely contacts the vessel. The intimate space in the kiln leaves a unique pattern on the vessel’s surface, created by the flames of the wood – as a result, the outcome of each piece is always unpredictable and unique. 

As wild clay ceramics are porous, they provide an ideal microclimate for plant roots. Comes with a drainage hole. 

Wild clay is a compound of stones, sand and clay, mixed by the Universe. The randomness and unpredictability of this combination are what makes each work so unique. The artisan is particularly inspired by the aesthetics and simplicity of a primitive way of life, similar to the Japanese’s wabi-sabi philosophy. Through his art, he fully embraces the beauty of imperfection and nature. 


D12cm x H12.5cm

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