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The Collector Gift Set

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A gift set for the host/hostess who enjoys collecting aesthetically pleasing tableware. Serve your communal dishes (meats, salads, stews etc) on these versatile serveware.  


This set includes:

  • Wabi-sabi Ecru Wabitub
  • Wabi-sabi Ecru Double-Handled Dish
  • Wabi-sabi Ecru Tray with Handles 


• Wabi-sabi Ecru Wabitub: L20.7 X W14.5 X H6 cm
• Wabi-sabi Ecru Double-Handled Dish: L22.5 X W17 X H4 cm
• Wabi-sabi Ecru Tray with Handles: L33 X W13.8 X H2 cm

Care Instructions

These pieces were designed for everyday use. They are microwave and food-safe. While they are also dishwasher-safe, we recommend handwashing these items.

As sudden changes in temperature can result in cracking, please avoid directly moving your dish from a very cold environment (i.e. fridge) to a very hot one (i.e. oven), and vice versa. Similarly, please avoid adding cold liquid to a hot dish, or adding hot liquid to a cold dish.