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4" Nabora Appetizer Plate

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These beautiful pottery pieces were handcrafted by an indigenous tribe of women across 7 villages in Oaxaca, Mexico, whose inhabitants have kept their ancient ceramic tradition alive for centuries. All of the raw materials used in the making of these pieces come from the hills, mountains and slopes surrounding the places they have lived in for generations. They are also among the few in the world that use organic plant pigments to decorate.

An ode to their multi-millennial ceramic making tradition, the splashed aesthetic is a unique technique distinctive of the Mixteca Alta. Made by hand, these ceramic pieces are also among the few in the world that use natural vegetable pigments for decoration. To achieve the dark brown stains, upon pulling the pottery pieces out of the kiln, the artisan applies an ink made from cactus and oak bark. A conversation piece for the dinner table, laden with culture and history.

With this trade, the wonderful women of Oaxaca strive for a better future for their families and communities — hoping to bridge the rural and indigenous world with the modernism of urban life. We believe in fair pricing, in order to afford these women with the basics for having a decent life. A percentage of these proceeds go directly to the artisans, in addition to different social funds within their villages (cooperative education, health and housing).


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