Ceramist: Nguyen Thanh Hai

Based in Hanoi, Vietnam, Mr Hai has been firing ceramics for over 10 years. Unable to find any existing ceramic pieces that suited his aesthetic, Mr Hai decided to explore the world of ceramics on his own terms. A self-taught pottery artist, Mr Hai handmakes unique sculptural pieces that are one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else. Using various clays from different regions in Vietnam, he focuses on experimenting with his materials’ physical properties, pushing clay to its technical limits, and developing his own unorthodox firing techniques. 

His favourite part of the process is to experiment with different pottery styles, before observing what comes out of the kiln. The unpredictability of colors and patterns further enhance the individualism and natural beauty of each piece. 

Mr Hai puts his heart and soul into each individual piece. We are honored to be able to represent Mr Hai’s work at KANE Wares.  

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